Sensitivity in action                       


- International Cooperation

- Technical Assistance

- Capacity Building

- Sustainable development







IEA works also as a flexible institution in the international cooperation. Its Vision is to become a leading institution helps and assists developing countries in the process of  poverty alleviation, and contributing to  increase their economic performances and bring together development and sustainability.


The most relevant characteristic of IEA is that it utilizes an unique framework calibrated so as to help both developing and developped countries in envigorating their economies through the transfer of know-how, valorization of cultural heritages, internationalization of their economies and corporates.  


Instead of relying on standard pattern to solve the problem, RDI focuses on the structural causes with a relevant systematic stakeholders counsultation.

RDI works near Institutions, Governments, Associations, Corporates and helps to drive their efforts and resourses towards a sustainable development.


The central question is: Bloom or Bust? IEA chooses every day to  bloom.