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IEA-ITALIA was established in Italia as a business networking and research institution in the network of the International Executives associations.

The mission of the Italian Executives Alliance is to share all information and know-how of their members to create significant growth opportunities through business networking and focused research and capacity building activities on fundamental business and scientific cutting-edge topics.

The members of IEA-ITALIA fuel important innovations that stimulate the growth of the business and competitive system at global level. Actively engaged with the leading global companies, the Governments, and NGOs, IEA is the depository of an important know-how.

Since 1916, the Executives Associations were established in the most important cities of the United States and Canada, in England, Switzerland, South Africa and beyond. Established by business men and women, they offers new ways to create growth opportunities in the market.

Today there are more than 109 IEAs in the globe representing more than 5,000 companies.

Membership in an Executives Association belongs to the Firm, and Executives Associations enforce the policy of “One Firm Per Business Classification”.  By doing so, a qualifying company is guaranteed exclusivity in that category, a scoop on the competition through leads, and the distinct advantage of promoting their business to a select “Executive Sales Team” — a team that will in turn provide the Member Firm with business leads and referrals, and information not yet released to the public.

Italian Executives Alliance do not necessarily seek the biggest Firms, only the best.  Executives Associations seek Firms that will proactively participate in exchanging qualified business leads among fellow members.








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